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Living Pawsitively is proud to carry Zuke's in Lafayette Township, New Jersey. Back in 1995, our founder, Patrick, was on a hike with his Chocolate Lab, Zuke, when he shared his energy bar with him to refuel so they could finish their trek. At that moment, he realized our dogs are just like us ā€” they need healthy treats to keep them going, too. So he created Zukeā€™s treats, nutrient-rich and made with the Earthā€™s best ingredients. Zukeā€™s was founded in Durango, Colorado and still remains dedicated to creating healthy, natural dog treats. Join us on the journey as we fuel our life off leash.

Dog Treats
  • Mini NaturalsĀ® Chicken RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Duck RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Peanut Butter & Oats RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Pork RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Rabbit RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Salmon RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Turkey & Cranberry RecipeĀ®, Mini NaturalsĀ® Turkey & Pumpkin RecipeĀ®, Puppy NaturalsĀ® Lamb & Chickpea RecipeĀ®, Puppy NaturalsĀ® Pork & Chickpea RecipeĀ®, Puppy NaturalsĀ® Salmon & Chickpea RecipeĀ®, Crunchy Naturals 2s Baked with Yogurt & HoneyĀ®, Crunchy Naturals 5s Baked with Peanut Butter & ApplesĀ®, Crunchy Naturals 5s Baked with Peanut Butter & BerriesĀ®, Crunchy Naturals 10s Baked with BerriesĀ®, Crunchy Naturals 10s Baked with Peanut Butter & BananasĀ®, Crunchy Naturals 10s Baked with Pumpkin & Sweet PotatoĀ®, Lilā€™ LinksĀ® Chicken & Apple RecipeĀ®, Lilā€™ LinksĀ® Duck & Apple RecipeĀ®, Lilā€™ LinksĀ® Pork & Apple RecipeĀ®, Lilā€™ LinksĀ® Rabbit & Apple RecipeĀ®, Hip ActionĀ® Beef RecipeĀ®, Hip ActionĀ® Chicken RecipeĀ®, Hip ActionĀ® Peanut Butter & Oats RecipeĀ®, Z-BoneĀ® Dental Chew with ApplesĀ®, Z-BoneĀ® Dental Chew with CarrotsĀ®, PowerBone Beef & Blueberry RecipeĀ®, PowerBone Chicken & Cranberry RecipeĀ®, SuperFood Blend with Bold BerriesĀ® , SuperFood Blend with Great GreensĀ®, SuperFood Blend with Vibrant VeggiesĀ®.
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